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I was well-known for hosting my guests in whole family. The idea of being perfect when making anyone who comes to my place feel at ease is you can say so was my aim in life. My husband was also a generous server and had all the qualities which a host should hold. He never stopped me from going to extremes where my serving issues were involved. Just last week I faced few issues in the same concern but thanks to Menulog promo codes I was able to get them all resolved. Since then I have deep trust laid on the store for being my support and guide. I found these coupons on Supersavermama, you can also visit the site to find some coupons for yourself.

Due to autumn turning into winter the viral was very common in the area and I was not spared too. I got the viral in which I faced severe flu, fever and sore throat, which was making things quite worse for me. I was not able to breathe properly, my eating habit was getting effected, and on that runny nose was giving me a hard time. I was taking proper medicines and my husband was taking thorough care of me. But as doctor said that the viral will complete its due time duration then only go so I was waiting for it to subdue…

This condition was making me quite weak and lethargic at the same time. One day when I was just resting and my husband was watching TV sitting next to me, we heard the doorbell. He went to see who was on the door and when he came back he was followed by my sister’s family, who was there to enquire about my health. Just after half an hour after my sister’s arrival another doorbell rang and this time it was my husband’s brother’s family to visit us.

It was so good to see people caring about you and take time from their precious time and visit. But I saw tension on my husband’s face and was unable to realize what he was so concerned about…

I excused myself from my guest and went to him to enquire. Though walking from my room to the kitchen which was not too far was very difficult for me due to weakness still I somehow managed. When I enquired from my husband, he told me that he don’t know how to cook and what can we serve our guests. I with calm thinking suggested my husband to order something online and at the same time mention Menulog to him to give it a try. The idea came to my mind because of a friend who called me in the morning and after enquiring about my health she said that I should avoid doing any chores at home including cooking which can easily be taken care with Menulog.

Little bit of relaxation was now visible on his face and I went back to my room as constant standing was making things worse for me. After sometime I heard a doorbell but no one came in and I was too busy with talking that I didn’t bother to ask.

I saw my husband standing in the doorway of the room and inviting everyone for dinner and this was all shocking for me and everyone in the room. We went out and saw a table set consisting of all the goodness with mouthwatering aroma. Everyone started taking food while my husband made me sit on the couch in lounge adjoining the dining room. I was served with a bowl of soup and garlic bread. Appreciation was quite visible in my eyes and he told me that it was all my idea which he implemented on.

He used the Menulog coupon codes to get discount on the food which he ordered. The food coming through Menulog from the selected restaurant was a hit idea when serving your guests. Everyone was quite happy with the quality food. It was a relief to continue with our tradition of serving our guests in best possible manner through our hosting and special thanks goes to Menulog in our time of distress.